Misted Windows & Common Faults

Misted Windows

Misted windows occur when the seal that ‘welds’ the two panes of glass together fails. There are a variety of reasons why the seal can fail but the most common failures that cause misted windows are.

misted windows before                  misted windows after

  • South facing windows
  • Displaced window packers
  • Poor workmanship
  • Blocked drainage
  • Poor Manufacture
  • Shrunken Gaskets
  • Cracked or Damaged Glass
  • Age

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Drafty, Whistling Or Noisy Windows


The main cause of drafty windows is broken hinges. When the hinges fail (normally off wear & tear) the opener no longer sits tight against the frame when closed.

This will cause drafts and noise. Window hinges are a common repair we carry out and our repairmen carry a full range of sizes and most hinge repairs can be carried out on the same day.

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Floppy Door Handles

                  upvc door handle

Door handles may become floppy over time, this can be due to plastic washers in the handle snapping. Another reason is because the springs inside the locking mechanism have failed or some other part in the gearing is about to fail…. floppy door handles are normally a sure sign that a more costly repair is imminent (the locking mechanism).

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Failed Door Locks

euro cylinder image                  photo of upvc door lock mechanism

There is never a good time for your door lock to fail! as you will normally find out when you are trying to open your door or lock it(either in your way in or on your way out).

Either way if your main door is out of order this will give you a major headache.

However it doesn’t have to cost you an ‘arm or a leg!’

As we specialise in the most common of door locks (UPVC Doors) we can be up to 80% Less than the cost of a Master Locksmith who may charge you ‘safe cracking’ rates.

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Windows Won’t Open

                  saracen window lock

If your can no longer open your window(s) then the most common reason for this is a broken window mechanism although on the odd occasion it may be due to the window handle spindle spinning loose in its housing.

Over the years there have been hundreds of different window companies using a wide variety of window locking hardware.

Our repairmen carry a good range of window mechanisms and can usually gain entry to locked windows and re-fit a new mechanism on the spot.

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Broken Letterbox

Broken letterbox

Apart from looking unsightly, a broken letterbox can cause unwanted drafts and noises coming into your home…(You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so they say.)

This is a common problem that can easily be fixed by replacing the the old letterbox set with a new one. (Normally for under £25).

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